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Your Cards Remain as the Default Cards for Future Generations

Our mission is to ensure that the financial institutions currently providing services to this generation remain as the primary providers of financial services for future generations.

To do so, we have designed a platform that removes all card limitations for traditional bank issued payment cards. 


We are Already Plugged Into Your Card Infrastructure

Chances are we have already plugged into your existing financial services processor and provider, so our solutions are integrated and available to your cards today.
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The Fintech Switch

Turning traditional 4-party payment ecosystem into the ALL Party payment ecosystem

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Unlocking Your Card’s True Potential

The Fintech Switch makes it possible to connect into your cards real time authorization flow and provide services, features, data and communications that help enhance a cardholders experience.

Personalizing Your Cardholder’s Experience

Now your cardholders can choose which features and services are right for them and add the services they want to the cards already in their wallet. 

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