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Leveraging your financial institution's existing tech ecosystem to connect fintech oriented services and capabilities for your existing cardholders.

Connecting technology servicing this generation with solutions designed for the next generation. 

Embedded Fintech for 
Financial Institutions


Power the Default Card in Every Mobile Wallet

Traditional banks are the incumbent providers of financial and banking services for millions of consumers. However, consumers' needs are changing. New and innovative financial technology companies are emerging daily with solutions that are attracting the next generation of consumers. 

IncumbentFI designs systems and solutions that work to help incumbent financial institutions remain as the primary provider of financial services for future generations. Working with leading financial service providers and processors, we design innovative ways to empower traditional payment cards and programs.


Embedded Fintech, Enabled Through Programmable Processing 


IncumbentFI selected to participate with MasterCard's Startpath program. 

Paying Customer

Bangor Savings Bank’s parent company partners with PayWith Worldwide Inc. to form a joint venture aimed at bringing... 

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"Financial Institutions and Fintechs Can Empower Cardholders with Programmable Payments from Fiserv and IncumbentFI"


Showcase Features

Add an instant overdraft micro-credit line to all of your traditional cards.


Overdraft Microcredit Line

Allow your cardholders the ability to link their favorite points or rewards programs to their traditional cards.

Allow for seamless earning and burning of points and cashback rewards.


Points Exchange

Tie your traditional cards into our powerful network of merchant funded offers and rewards.


Rewards & Offers

The ultimate tools for controlling, and managing financial transactions. 

Card controls can be used as
Parental Controls 

Employer Controls 
Transaction Controls 
Budgeting Controls 
and more.

Card Controls.png

Card Controls

Our goal is to provide your financial institution with seamless access to features and services that your cardholders demand. Above are just a few of the features we can unlock for your cardholders.

Core Platform Features


The world's most advanced payment processing platform. 

Dynamic processing allows for multiple simultaneous transactions to occur against a single transaction authorization. 


Dynamic Processing Engine


The payment and commerce equivalent of the "Social Graph". 

We use data science tools to graph the relationships between a person's transactions and purchases to help optimize the commerce experience for every unique individual. 


PayGraph Data & Analytics


Developers API Suite

Dynamic Processing API.png

Dynamic Processing API

Transaction Controls API.png

Transaction Controls API

PayGraph Analytics API.png

PayGraph Analytics API

Event Handling & Communications API.png

Event Handling & Communications API

Points & Merchant Rewards API.png

Points & Merchant Rewards API


IncumbentFI is a privately held Joint Venture (JV) company formed and managed by Paywith Worldwide and Bangor Bancorp.

Our core mission is to streamline collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs.

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