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IncumbentFI's SaaS platform is embedded within your institution's existing debit card processor and core banking provider tech stack, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming technology integrations. 

The IFI platform allows you to "unlock" the binary limitations of your existing debit cards and transform those
cards into "programmable payment" cards.

Programmable payment functionality enables your debit cardholders to seamlessly link additional 
internal accounts (ie. checking, savings, HELOC) AND external accounts; (ie. a health savings account (HSA), BNPL, micro LOC) to fund transactions made using their debit card.  

Embedded Fintech for 
Financial Institutions


Make your Debit Card the Default Card in Every Mobile Wallet

  • Provide your cardholders with an enhanced digital experience
  • Drive debit card spend/interchange revenue
  • Increase consumer engagement/retention

Add New Debit Card Capabilities with IncumbentFI:
  • CFPB & OCC Compliant Fee Notifications
  • Family Sharing (ie. Teen Cards)
  • Local Merchant Rewards Program


Embedded Fintech, Enabled Through Programmable Processing 


IncumbentFI selected to participate in MasterCard's Award Winning Emerging Fintch Start Path program. 

Paying Customer

Celent Model Bank 2023 Award Winner for Payments Innovation; Programmable Payments on Card Rails 

bangor-savings-bank-vector 1.png

"Financial Institutions and Fintechs Can Empower Cardholders with Programmable Payments from Fiserv and IncumbentFI"


Initial Use Cases to Enhance Your Existing Debit Card

Add an instant overdraft micro-credit line to all of your traditional cards.


Fee Notification
(CFPB & OCC Compliance)

Tie your traditional cards into our powerful network of merchant funded offers and rewards.


Local Merchant Rewards 

The ultimate tools for controlling, and managing financial transactions. 

Card controls can be used as
Parental Controls 

Employer Controls 
Transaction Controls 
Budgeting Controls 
and more.

Multi Account Photo - Copy.jpeg

Link Internal & External  

Our AI technology enables your institution to streamline compliance with recent CFBP and OCC guidance related to Cardholder Fees. Seamlessly connect internal and external funding accounts to your existing debit cards and connect retail customers with your commercial accounts with our local rewards infrastructure.

Core Platform Features


The world's most advanced payment processing platform. 

Dynamic processing allows for multiple simultaneous transactions to occur against a single transaction authorization. 


Dynamic Processing Engine


The payment/commerce equivalent of the "Social Graph". 

We use data science tools to graph the relationships between a person's transactions and purchases to help optimize the commerce experience for every unique individual. 


PayGraph Data & Analytics


Developers API Suite

Dynamic Processing API.png
Transaction Controls API.png
PayGraph Analytics API.png

Dynamic Processing API

Transaction Controls API

PayGraph Analytics API

Event Handling & Communications API.png
Points & Merchant Rewards API.png

Event Handling & Communications API

Points & Merchant Rewards API


IncumbentFI is a privately held Joint Venture (JV) between Bangor Bancorp and Paywith Worldwide.

Our core mission is to streamline collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs.

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