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Reward your members & earn commission

Reward your members and generate revenue using the PayWith coalition marketing network. Every time your members pay with your card or mobile app, you receive a commission and valuable member data. 

Reasons to create your own
Mobile Rewards Program

Generate revenue

Earn a commission every time a member transacts using your program.

Data & Tracking

See how your campaign is doing at any time on the PayWith Dashboard.

Your members earn rewards just by transacting using your rewards program.

Reward your members

Upgrade your program

Already got a card-based rewards program? Great, we can integrate our mobile technology and marketing power with your current cards. 

How does it work?


We build mobile apps

We specialize in building enterprise quality mobile rewards and payment apps. Each app we build is a fully Customized Mobile App that is native to iPhone and Android. If you already have a Mobile App, you can add our PayWith SDK to your app. ​


Create your network and your program.

Using the PayWith Dashboard you can add merchants to your network. Select from merchants already signed up to PayWith or invite new merchants to join your network.


Every time one of your members transacts using your app or card you earn a marketing commission - and your members earn valuable rewards.

Generate revenue and reward your members

Enterprises we work with

How it Works
Our Clientele
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