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To transform the insurance and employer expense industries, PayWith focused their attention on simplifying the claims and reimbursement process. Cardholders enjoy the benefits of their mobile device automatically prompting them after potentially applicable transactions to capture and flag the transaction as an expense or claim. Once flagged by the cardholder, the information surrounding the transaction, time of day, location, value, and even the captured copy of the receipt, are forwarded directly to the reimbursing party for review and acceptance. Once accepted, the consumers receive instant notification and their funds are instantly available via their linked primary card.

  • Expenses are easily tracked and automatically submitted

  • Funds, once approved, are instantly available via consumers linked card

  • Reporting and history of expense claims can be easily searched via tags.  

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Any party wishing to participate with our Instant Claims feature can tap into the data and information they need in a number of different ways.


  1. We provide a SAAS based interface which has powerful tools and solutions that can be leveraged by the Reimbursing party to quickly and easily reimburse expense claims.

  2. We have an available API that Employer or Insurance companies can tie into which shares a real time connection for all of the relevant data points. Insurance corporations and Employers can develop their own integrations and user interfaces to instantly approve and re-imburse through the system.

  • Added convenience and simplicity to the claims process

  • Significant benefits for cardholders means happier customers and employees

  • In market differentiation and positive PR and word of mouth

(Insurance Company or Employer)

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For program operators, the more funding sources we link to, and the more features we develop that add value for the cardholders of their programs, the more customers they are able to attract and retain and the more transactions those customers make.


In general, every feature PayWith develops is designed to bring maximum value and simplicity to the lives of the cardholders participating with the programs. Because PayWith is white label, all of these features and benefits appear to be being delivered and developed by the card program provider and therefore increasing the power of their brand and program.

  • Increased customer acquisition

  • Increased customer retention

  • Increased differentiation in market

  • Increased PR and Marketing surrounding innovations and features.

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