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Cardholders gain access to the most personalized and flexible points redemption solution on the market today. Cardholders can choose to convert their points or rewards into general funds that can be used at any participating location within the program, or they can take advantage of even greater rewards by converting into specific merchant sponsored gifts or rewards at an even greater retail reward value.

  • Simple Points Redemption  

  • Redeem points for general funds  

  • Redeem points for prizes

  • Redeem points for merchant specific gifts  

Merchants who participate become part of the world’s most accountable marketing and advertising network. We deliver merchants 100% quantifiable results related directly to the cardholders we drove in and the amount each cardholder spent. We track the future visits of each cardholder so that a true ROI calculation is possible on an annualized basis. Best of all, merchants have simple and clear pricing.


  • Acquire new customers for only $5 per customer

  • Retain or win back customers for only $2 per offer redeemed

  • Directory Listing & features page for only $1 per day

  • No hardware, software, or operation changes to your business

When merchants are participating with points or rewards based programs, the offers or incentives are automatically converted back into points redemption values and points multiples for the cardholders of those programs. The merchant does not need to buy points or figure out the value of a point for any program. Simply set your rewards in the form of dollars, and IncumbentFI makes all the necessary conversions to engage the consumer in the currency they are used to seeing.



Program operators can take advantage of an ever expanding pool of merchants that are offering greater and greater benefits and rewards to their cardholders. Points and Rewards programs which typically get funded out of the interchange or card revenue, can now keep more of their revenue as the points perks and benefits are paid for by the merchant network. 


For Program Operators, IncumbentFI’s merchant acquisition team is dedicated to helping grow their merchant network and engage their customers with valuable rewards.

  • Attract more cardholders & accounts.

  • Retain existing cardholders & accounts.

  • Increase Program Revenue

  • Positively impact the local community.

Program Operators
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